Protecting My Family With The Best Gun Safe

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but my husband has a serious obsession with hunting. Well, I call it an obsession. He calls it a hobby. I’ve let him know very sternly that I do not want guns around our kids.

Just reading about statistics on gun violence in the US gets me both terrified and angry. I am not a fan of guns, but we are married and as his wife I support him to take up his own hobbies. I know he also wants our son to join him hunting. I actually want our son to make up his own decision on this – he should not be forced to go. Therefore we agreed he is not to go before he becomes a teenager.

Gun Safe

After further negotiating with him we did decide to finally get a gun safe. We explored our options on Best Gun Safe Info and settled with the best gun safe we could find from their list. My expectations were very clear – I wanted to find something where there would not be a single chance that the kids could access the safe.

We settled on a bio-metric design. This is a safe where you must scan your finger to access it. My husband is the only one that has his fingerprint scanned. I didn’t even want to be near it let alone have my fingerprint on file. I know, I’m a bit prudish but this is something I’m not willing to negotiate on. I don’t need a gun for protection – I do crossfit (lol!).

Being the overly cautious Mom that I am, I checked that none of my kids could pass the finger scanner on the impossible chance that one of them shared the exact same fingerprint as my husband. I know deep down that this is completely and utterly irrational, but hey – I’m crazy. I’m willing to admit it.

Oh, before I forget, another thing we purchased to protect the kids is a sun shade for the car! I know this is probably less exciting than a gun safe but it really helps! Also it was incredibly cheaper and I actually feel like I got my moneys worth. The safe was over $500!!! But these are the prices we pay to keep our kids safe.

By the way, we are also in the process of planning our next family trip. If you remember our first family trip you will know this is long overdue. I’ll keep you all updated on where we decide to go!


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